Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Celebrating the Bee Magic Chronicles' Anniversary

This is the day. This is the one year anniversary day of when I started writing the Chronicles.

I already knew the topic was going to be about honey bees. In fact, I was pretty excited about it. I was absolutely in love with bees. They were infinitely fascinating with a unique and interesting biology. As well, they were social creatures, reliant on each other and their queen to survive. Then there's the by product of their existance--five products actually--honey, wax, propolis, royal jelly and pollen.

I was stuck though because I didn't know where to start. I remember when the story line hit me. In fact, within about 20 minutes I had the entire book in mind and what would happen. It was like a thunderstorm of creativity--an exciting time. But still, where would I start?

I had not written in years and was out of practise. I was sitting in the living room thinking about various scenes when one in particular came to mind. It was intense, a little bit scary, and exciting. I rolled over to the lap top thinking, just start! Don't think about anything, just start. And I did.

For the next 10 months or so the book just flew out of my fingers. I kept the keyboard busy every spare moment. When I wasn't typing, I was handwriting in notebooks. When I wasn't doing that I was either daydreaming or drawing. I was quite happily completely obsessed. I still am :)

So today is the anniversary date of those first keystrokes marking the beginnings of the Bee Magic Chronicles. Happy Birthday BMC!!!!!

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